2023-08-05 | Technology

The Do-Over Vault

The BBC has an article about the Onkalo nuclear waste site: The place where no humans will tread for 100,000 years. It would be cool if we could make a civilizational time capsule with that kind of endurance.

In a geologically stable region, underground, with the opposite message behind the markers above ground. Then fill it with as much information as we can encode into corrosion-resistant surfaces, starting with detailed instructions in all possible languages on how to decode the binary data in every cavern, and then just caverns upon caverns full of data.

Images, texts, wikipedia, books, historical documents, scientific papers, news, maybe even videos, brain scans, sequenced genomes. And a few artefacts if we can make them last that long: sealed machine parts, plastinated organisms such as human bodies (especially brains that may still have information in them), everyday cultural items.

Just a complete snapshot of our civilization as it stands today. This could serve a dual purpose, too: either as a reference for future historians, or as a "do-over vault" in case our civilization must be restarted at some point.

If you're a billionaire, why not fund something like this if you want a lasting legacy?