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2023-09-03 | Technology Space

Space Survivalism: The Ultimate Legacy for Visionaries

An open letter to billionaires. Dear Visionary: Throughout history, pioneers and titans have left indelible marks, not just through wealth, but by shaping the course of humanity's future. Earth has been our cradle, but space presents an unparalleled frontier, a canvas vast and untapped, ready for the strokes of visionary genius.
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2023-08-05 | Technology

The Do-Over Vault

The BBC has an article about the Onkalo nuclear waste site: The place where no humans will tread for 100,000 years. It would be cool if we could make a civilizational time capsule with that kind of endurance.
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2023-06-05 | Technology AI

Media and Politicians AI-Panicking

It's no longer just a moral panic, it's a global media meltdown. Geoffrey Hinton quit Google (after years of working on literal AI-assisted world domination) to conduct interviews on any outlet who'll have him, having very public realizations about the completely unexpected and sudden dangers of AI development. There is no media site or news channel on the planet NOT talking about the horrible, terrible, world-destroying dangers of AI right now. As a response, the general population is panicking as well, and inevitably, so are politicians. What's going on? Are LLMs really signalling the end times?
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2023-05-26 | Technology AI

Beyond Stateless Learning

LLMs like GPT are pre-trained and cannot continue learning in their current form. It is infeasible to retrain gigantic models from scratch every few months. We must develop strategies to overcome this limitation and enable continuous learning in language models.
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2023-05-26 | Technology Future

Radical Life Extension

Radical life extension and brain uploading are two technologies that have emerged as possible ways of extending human life and consciousness beyond the traditional biological limitations. While some people view these technologies with skepticism, arguing that they are morally questionable and could lead to unintended consequences, this article aims to argue that radical life extension and brain uploading are ethical goods that civilization has an obligation to develop. By exploring the potential benefits of these technologies, we can see that they have the potential to enhance human life in profound and meaningful ways.
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2023-05-22 | Technology Future Politics

ETI Contact and the Public

Revealing contact with extraterrestrial intelligence to the public at large is a topic of great debate in the scientific community. There are both pros and cons to such a disclosure.
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2023-05-09 | Technology AI Academia

From NNs to Transformers

History The development of Transformer models in AI research is built upon a rich scientific heritage spanning several decades. Key milestones and contributions from basic neural networks (NNs) to modern Transformer architectures include:
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2023-05-02 | Technology AI Academia

Words with LLMs

Large Language Models (LLMs), such as GPT-4, represent words using a combination of tokenization, word embeddings, and context information.
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2023-03-02 | Technology Future Politics

Geopolitical Threat Modeling

Models and Premises Of course there is a plethora of theoretical models that aim to predict the behavior of major geopolitical players. These models use various approaches, from qualitative assessments to quantitative data analysis, to better understand and predict the actions of states and non-state actors in the international system. Some of the most prominent models include:
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2022-12-09 | Technology Space


The Artemis program is NASA’s current effort to send the first woman and the next man to the Moon. This program began in 2019 and is part of NASA’s larger Artemis Accords which are aimed at setting up a sustainable presence for humans on and around the Moon.
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2022-12-09 | Technology

The Virtue of Optimism

Why So Doomy? As a techno-optimist myself, I understand where doomerism is coming from. Civilization-ending wars and disasters are still very much in the cards today, and collectively human behavior shows at best a fluctuating will to live. So far we have detected no hint of alien activity out among the stars, or found any of the remnants we would expect a galaxy-spanning civilization to leave behind in our own neighborhood - leading us ever closer to the conclusion that long-lived interstellar civilizations are either unattainable or that we're the first intelligent life form to arise within billions of light years.
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2021-10-28 | Technology

Degrees of Openness

Single Source Companies https://github.blog/2021-03-18-whats-up-with-these-new-not-open-source-licenses/
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