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2022-12-09 | Technology Space


The Artemis program is NASA’s current effort to send the first woman and the next man to the Moon. This program began in 2019 and is part of NASA’s larger Artemis Accords which are aimed at setting up a sustainable presence for humans on and around the Moon.
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2022-12-09 | Technology

The Virtue of Optimism

Why So Doomy? As a techno-optimist myself, I understand where doomerism is coming from. Civilization-ending wars and disasters are still very much in the cards today, and collectively human behavior shows at best a fluctuating will to live. So far we have detected no hint of alien activity out among the stars, or found any of the remnants we would expect a galaxy-spanning civilization to leave behind in our own neighborhood - leading us ever closer to the conclusion that long-lived interstellar civilizations are either unattainable or that we're the first intelligent life form to arise within billions of light years.
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2021-10-28 | Technology

Degrees of Openness

Single Source Companies https://github.blog/2021-03-18-whats-up-with-these-new-not-open-source-licenses/
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